Alabama Chained Dogs &Rescue

You may be a dogs only hope for a better life. 


Alabama Chained Dogs & Rescue is an all-volunteer effort to help families unchain their dogs by providing roomy kennels so that dogs are free to run and play. ACDR has a Community Cat and TNR program and because of our work with feral cats, we always have kittens and social adults cats in our adoption program. Alabama Chained Dogs helps to provide assistance with spay and neuter, dog houses, flea medicine, food, and supplies. 

Calls, emails, and messages come in daily from around the state. We always have dogs waiting to be unchained or dogs needing a dog house donation.  

Funding for kennels, dog houses, and supplies, is always needed. Please email if you'd like to volunteer and be a part of this worthy cause. FOSTERS needed! We also have an AMAZON WISH LIST the dogs we unchain.

Life on a chain is no life at all.  Dogs are pack animals. Dogs bond with their human family because they see them as part of their pack. Behavioral issues, such as depression, excessive barking or aggression occurs when the dog is deprived of human contact. Dogs who are chained 24 hours a day, seven days a week are three times more likely to bite, according to the Center For Disease Control. 

Sally was chained 10 years in the trees near her families home in Shelby County. Alabama Chained Dogs & Rescue unchained three Beagles at the home. We also provided new dog houses because the old houses were covered thick with feces.  She lived on that chain ten years, but she learned to run and play the day she received her kennel! See Sally's unchaining video on our Facebook page. 

How we help

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Your charitable donation is tax deductible! Every donation matters in the lives of Alabama Chained Dogs.