This is Alabama Chained Dogs & Rescue's Wish List at Amazon for the dogs. 


Nexgard chewable, Frontline Plus or Pet-Armour (Walmart) flea/tick prevention.

ACD Dogs receive one month without fleas/ticks! Chewable dewormer (Med/Large dogs) is also needed. 

(No Hartz or Sergeants products) 

A roomy 10x20 Kennel $340

Spay/neuter with required vaccines and take home pain meds $75-$100.

We do not Heartworm test or pay for fecals. We de-worm the dogs because most dogs living outside have parasites. 

Most chained dogs do not have adequate shelter. We provide dog houses based on need. 

Petmate, 2 piece (top and bottom) Dog houses: Large $75.00 plus tax. X-Large dog houses are sometimes needed. Large Igloo Dog house is $109.00, plus tax. XL Igloo is $125.00, plus tax, depending on where it's in stock. Igloos are the better dog house, especially for heavy chewers. The best dog house is living indoors with their family. 

50 pound bag dry dog food $25 at Tractor Supply. We give a bag of food to every chained dog the day they receive their kennel. 

We also GIFT a toy/treat/chew bone to every dog the day the dog is unchained. We accept donations of tough toys and balls, Large Rawhide chews, Pig Ears, bully sticks, Basted bones, or other USA made natural dog chews accepted.

Straw and cedar chip bedding is used for every dog house.

10x10 or larger shade covers are provided for dogs without shade trees.  Tarps pull the kennel in when water collects on top. This can result in damage to the kennel and possible injury to the dog. Shade covers are $35 each on Amazon. We prefer the lighter color for the chained dogs when possible. 

Bravecto, Revolution or Advantage Multi for mange is sometimes needed. Most chained dogs, not all, are 40-60 pounds. 

Dog Houses can be purchased through Lowes over the phone (when in stock) and a volunteer can pick it up.  We also buy dog houses at Tractor Supply, but they will not accept payment over the phone. Please donate through paypal or by sending a check or money order and we will buy the dog house for you and make the donation in your name. 

Used dog houses are great if you have one to give!! No cracked, damaged, or badly chewed houses please because this may be the first and last house the dog ever has. Please be prepared to deliver your dog house donation or meet halfway! Please keep in mind when making a donation, we are all volunteers. 

Every donation makes a difference to an Alabama Chained Dog.